Sheep used for wool are CASTRATED without painkillers, tails CHOPPED off & throats slit, just for a pair of UGG Australia boots, a wool sweater, or jacket:

People still buy these ugly disgusting things. Even when I tell them about the animals that died for their ugly boots they don’t care.

I don’t agree with ugg boots but this is actually bullshit.

1. Lamb marking (cutting off tails) is done so that the sheep doesnt get flyblown when summer comes. Flyblown is where flies lay their eggs near the anus of a sheep, when they hatch maggots eat at the inside of the sheep colon, infesting it with bacteria which can eventually kill them, slowly and very painfully.

2. Shearing does not injure a sheep, I don’t know about other countries but I’m sure its the same as Australia when if you do not shear them, they DO eventually become flyblown.

3. You CANNOT use wool if it has been contaminated by BLOOD. It cannot be skirted out like poo and urine does by the roustabouts.

4. Once a sheep has had its ‘throat slit’ it cannot be sheared for the same reason as 3. It has no advantage for anyone by killing their livestock if they are in the wool industry.

I don’t care about your decision to hate ugg boots, you probably don’t give a flying shit about mine but DO NOT spread this bullshit information when the wool industry does not work that way.

idk about you but I’ve never heard of someone killing a sheep for wool? I mean, the wool grows back and they shear it again. Why would you kill the sheep to shear it? Like, do people believe this? I mean, wool is also used in other things besides uggs as well. You know, other types of clothing. I’m also pretty sure that pros remove the wool in under a few minutes, so at most the they are just held in awkward positions while the guy removes it. I mean 

the animal is still very much alive in this picture but the other pictures, the sheep still have their wool which is now bloody? 

Also, the tails are docked and the cuts around the rear are called mulesing. It doesn’t kill the animal, just removes the skin from the area so the wool won’t grow since it would otherwise get covered in urine and poop, causing problems with flies and stuff. I mean I just looked this up. Are people ignorant on this website? It’s not like these people have one sheep or less. They have prob a shit ton and they need a way to keep them all quite healthy and not dying from parasites.

Also just “Sheep used for wool are CASTRATED without painkillers, tails CHOPPED off & throats slit, just for a pair of UGG 

so why would you castrate a sheep and chop off its tail just to slit its throat and kill it while simultaneously ruining your product and the means to produce said product? anyone? anyone?

peta tends to be uninformed in most areas and doesn’t look at the bigger picture. not all farmers and such are evil devils wanting to murder their livestock for kicks. it’s their livelihood and it only does them good to help keep their animals healthy. I mean there are bad instances and cut corners but in this case, just the post just makes me lawl. srs. castrating before killing, plz. what’s the point?



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you have probably already heard of this, but just in case you didn’t here are the news!

In China expatiates a trend that looks like a sick joke, but unfortunately isn’t! LIVE ANIMALS like turtles, fish, lizards etc are being TRAPPED in TINY PLASTIC BAGS and sold as decorative KEYCHAINS!

The bag contains crystallized oxygen and nutrients designed to keep the animals alive, but in reality, most DIE within A DAY! And the ones who make it longer SUFFER every day!

This is not a fucking keychain, it is plain TORTURE!

If you want to do something against the most fucked up keychains ever, here is the petition!!

Please spread the word, so that this madness stops!

Honestly, I don’t think a petition urging UN to put pressure on China will work, but it’s worth a shot

I think my favorite thing in the entire world is when I place my hand near my sleeping boyfriend’s and he instinctively interlocks his fingers with mine.

"As the years go on, you see changes in yourself, but you’ve got to face that - everyone goes through it… Either you have to face up to it and tell yourself you’re not going to be eighteen all your life, or be prepared for a terrible shock when you see the wrinkles and white hair. Getting older doesn’t frighten me, but I wish I didn’t have to because I like life a lot." Audrey Hepburn

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"Children must be taught how to think, not what to think."

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